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Opening Remarks
Susan Sweet and Peter Totman

 9:05-10:40 am

The Next Big Thing: Brands and Culture, Evolutionary Psychology, and the Moral Economy

Session Host: Edward Appleton

The Moral Imperative: The Importance of Moral Intuitions in Qualitative Research 
Speaker: Luke Perry, Jigsaw Research

Despite an occasional consideration of ethics, Qualitative researchers are a surprisingly amoral bunch. Hitherto moral psychology has largely been neglected in qualitative research. The presentation brings to light moral foundations psychology and illuminates how people interpret and judge the world around them through their moral receptors and intuitions, helping us understand how we can apply it in our work.

Shifting Sands? Why Times Change But People Don’t
Speakers: Sarah Jay, Acacia Avenue and Kym Loeb, Acacia Avenue

Evolutionary psychology is a controversial subject in today’s world of diversity and equality.  But perhaps it has been unfairly demonised.  It sheds light on why we behave as we do and helps explain many of the ingrained cognitive biases which influence our behaviour.  It also raises questions about many tried and tested marketing models that we shouldn’t ignore.

Are marketers and researchers alike missing out on benefiting from rich insights into behaviour because we’ve been too nervous to embrace this challenging and fascinating subject? In this talk we will explore the case to bring evolutionary psychology into the forefront of our thinking, and give the audience some top tips to take home.

The 6th C: Culturally Driven Brand Thinking as Insight Imperative
Speaker: Alex Gordon, Sign Salad

How can we create more meaningful brand, content and connect more powerfully with consumers? By thinking deeply about the culture surrounding and influencing consumers.

In September 2017, Keith Weed, the Chief Marketing Officer of Unilever identified the ‘C’s of brand effectiveness: Consumers, Connect, Content, Community and Commerce. 

This paper will agree with Weed that the 5 ‘Cs’ are crucial for brand strategy, there must also be a deep understanding of a sixth ‘c’ – Culture.   We will offer specific principles to adopt to enable ‘culturally-driven brand thinking’ and why that is central to evolving and maintaining a vital and thriving ans relevant research and insight industry.

How the Language of Culture and Community is Reshaping Research
Speakers: Roben Allong, Lightbeam Communications and Client Panel

When was the last time you did relevant cultural research? Can you afford to have ‘culturebombs’ hijack your global brand? #MeToo, #Blacklivesmatter, and #LoveWins are examples of communities rapidly changing global culture – in days not decades! This panel will discuss the role that research plays at the intersection of culture, language, and consciousness to help brands better understand and harness the current culture revolution.




11:10-12:25 pm

Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Unplugging

Session Host: Susan Abbott

Unplugged by Nature
Speaker: Maria Rosa Puras, Insight Marketing Touch

As qualitative research depends more on technology and the “cloud”, is your business prepared for the unthinkable…to go unplugged? Explore the insights learned after two major hurricanes destroyed Puerto Rico’s communication networks and power grid leaving businesses and population without internet, telephone or electricity for more than 100 days. We will share: best practices for managing projects during hurricane season or a natural disaster (when to postpone/continue, tips for recruiting, choosing facilities and travel plans), the importance of business continuity plans and insights from an “unplugged” population.

Increasing Empathy with Consumers through VR
Speaker: Tom De Ruyck

How the Future of AI Makes Moderators More Important
Speaker: Andrew Konya, Remesh.AI





12:40-1:35 pm

Globalisation: Are We There Yet?

Session Host: Simon Patterson

The Observer Effect – Is What We are Doing as Researchers Enough to Mitigate it in a Racially Diverse Country Like South Africa?
Speaker: Lesley Croskery, In Focus Qualitative Research

After an incident last year, when a respondent hid when she saw us arriving, it made me curious about the effect we have as qualitative researchers when we observe in home.

What impact do we have? Is it significant, to be concerned about?

Or do the benefits of us being there outweigh any potential observer effect?

This paper not only has implications for South Africa, but also potentially for other multi-cultural markets and international researchers.

West Meets East: a Multi-Cultural Interview about Multi-Cultural Research
Speakers: Dorrie Paynter, Leapfrog Marketing Research and Tomoko Yoshida

What happens when two very different cultures have a chance to really explore and understand each other?  Great appreciation!  Tomoko Yoshida (Japan) and Dorrie Paynter (US) will interview each other about their experiences working together on multiple projects in Japan.  You will learn about some of the fascinating differences between West and East and their impact on study design and execution, as well as gain some tips on how to enhance your own multi-cultural studies.





3:05-4:00 pm

Stay Curious, Leave Curious

Session Host: Susan Sweet

Insights are Dead. Long Live Insights. 
Speaker: Claudia Antoni, Happy Thinking People

‘Insights’ are in danger of going out of fashion, with clients focusing on outputs, action, impact… at ever increasing speed.

To stay relevant, we need to go further, showing tangible solutions that bring insights to life, ideas that can be seen, heard, felt.

This can be prototyping, events – and even poetry slams as we will show.

Following insights through to the ideas they generate is a new growth area for qualitative research.

The Apprentice Project: Tales of a Novice Unicycler
Speaker: Kendall Nash, Burke, Inc.

We’re all guilty of complacency in aspects of our lives. However, to do our best work as qualitative researchers, our quest to learn must be anything but complacent!  Learn how to assume a posture of humility, similar to that of an apprentice learning a new skill, to create opportunities for more impactful insights in your research. Leave this session with a thirst to learn and a framework for doing it.




Wrap-Up, Presentation Awards and Closing Cocktails