8:45-9:00amConference Chair Welcome

Opening Keynote: Mark Earls

mark earlsPremonition. Prediction. Foresight. Insight. As a species, we’ve been trying to do this since the dawn of thought. While the future is always going to be to some extent uncertain (it hasn’t happened yet), what if you could learn techniques and strategies for how to “see” the future better? Join the award-winning author Mark Earls as he walks through his current work in progress and provides an early preview of his next book, “Memories of the Future – a guide to think better about the future”.

Mark Earls is a pioneering and award-winning writer and consultant on human behaviour, creativity and innovation. His bibliography includes HERD, I’ll Have What She’s Having, Copy Copy Copy and Creative Superpowers. His work with clients around the world creates experiences and tools to help people put these insights to work in their world. While he spent the first part of his career in creative businesses like DDB, St Luke’s and Ogilvy, he has long worked independently with a range of collaborators – from academics to game designers and other radical thinkers like Smithery and JoyAtLarge.

He is a fellow of the Marketing Society, the RSA and an Honorary Fellow of the IPA. He is also a strong supporter of continuous education, having taught many professional courses and helped launch the School of Life.

10:00-10:30amMorning Session 1: Founding Principles that Last

Managing and Leveraging the Tension Between Classic and Emergent Thinking in Qualitative Research
Speaker: Peter Totman
11:00-12:00pmMorning Session 2: Broadening Horizons

Mimesis: The Surprising Unfolding of Human Values Through Reality and Representation
Speakers: Raji Bonala, Divya Chakraborty

Uprooting Opinions: Methodological Benefits of Etymology
Speakers: Allan Bahroun, Karen Tsai
1:30-2:00pmPost-Lunch Energizer
The Unique Lens of Qualitative Research
Kevin McLean
2:00-3:15pmAfternoon Session 1: Process Reflection

Is Good Enough Really Good Enough
Speaker: Caroline Hayter

Is Stim Stuck (in the doldrums)?
Speaker: Rebecca Harrison

1:59:40 – Sprinting the Marathon – Design Thinking, Storytelling & Semiotics Combined
Speaker: Marta Hoffman and Tom Hidvegi
3:45-5:15pmAfternoon Session 2: Meeting Consumers Where They Are

Appropriating Culture Appropriately
Speaker: Phillip Wyckoff

Bypassing Memory
Speaker: Mike Beder

Purists, Tourists and Iconoclasts — Differing Approaches to Global Qualitative
Speakers: Pam Goldfarb Liss, Pascal Patenaude and Tom Rich
5:15-5:20pmFirst Day Closing Remarks
7:00-10:00pmThursday Evening Dinner