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Welcome from the Chairs
Susan Sweet and Peter Totman



Opening Keynote
Speaker: Ian Leslie

In today’s fast-changing business environment, the desire to know, learn and explore is vital. But while the trait of curiosity has never been more important to success, it remains misunderstood and under-valued. In this talk Ian will explain how curiosity really works, drawing on neuroscience and cognitive psychology, and why it must be consciously cultivated. He will ask whether the current preoccupation with big data is substituting for true curiosity about consumers.





 10:30-11:30 am

Zeitgeist: Identity Politics in Qualitative Discourse

Session Host: Caroline Hayter

Talking to Your Tribe
Speaker: Lydia Fuller, Full Colour Research

It’s never been more important to connect with your audience. In a post-truth society where public attitudes towards institutions and organisations are at an all-time low, consumers are looking for more meaningful connections to the companies and brands that they use. We’ll be looking at the how companies are adapting to this changing climate and the important role that researchers have in helping brands to navigate this new landscape.

The Meaning of Brexit
Speakers: Andy Dexter, The Cutlurise Collaboration and Kevin McLean






 11:45-1:20 pm

Curiosity in Action

Session Host: Peter Totman

There’s Method in the Insight: Unlocking Next Level Understanding of Consumers’ Lives
Speaker: Rachel Cox and Rebecca Harrison, Relish Research 

Not content with scratching the surface of how consumers really feel, think, decide and do, we’ve sought to go beyond to ensure what we discover goes beyond and has a marked difference on the success of a brand’s product or service.  Our session will showcase how Method Insight works to achieve a true connection and empathy, leaving all preconceived ideas behind, and unearthing the real nuggets of consumer truths. 

Stay Engaged to Stay Curious
Speakers: Maya Ilic, Ipsos Spain and Silvia Perez, Campofrio Group

As marketing professionals, we live in times of “insight overload”: endless data, competing consumer truths, numerous hypotheses. Turning knowledge into action and profit is a challenge. In this joint presentation, the Campofrío Food Group and Ipsos will explain how to navigate the complex consumer landscape using Community and Insight Cloud: an agile approach designed to act as a myth buster, inspire and test marketing initiatives, detect trends and curate insights.

The Art of Interlocution: What we can learn from Other Experts Who Talk to People for a Living
Speaker: Sarah Jane Johnson, Athena Brand Wisdom

Qualitative Research Consultants are always looking for new and different approaches to connecting with their respondents and getting them to uncover their thoughts and feelings.  This paper shares insights from the strategies of other “interviewing experts”:  Journalists, Psychotherapists, Anthropologists, Litigators and Socratic Philosophers.   The presentation will offer a range of points of view on how to conduct a successful interview and provide QRCs with new strategies for engagement.

From the Triforce to Bermuda: Why Triangles are More Powerful Than You Think
Speaker: Daniel Berkal, The Palmerston Group

The idea of triangulation has been a fundamental principle in several diverse academic fields.  From Economics to Urban Planning, a significant amount of discourse has been given to building unique scenarios which allow conversations to thrive.  This has explicit usefulness in Qualitative research.  We have actively been incorporating triangulation principles into our methodology design for the past few years with remarkable success. In it’s most surprising form, it’s actually brought our clients into the front room and removed the glass altogether.  This presentation will concentrate on smart examples that offer usable lessons for today’s modern researcher.




2:50-4:05 pm

Big Ideas Go Mainstream: Behavioral Economics and Semiotics

Session Host: Ilka Kuhagen

The Moment of Truth: Applying Behavioural Science to Make Life Easier for Shoppers
Speaker: Simon Shaw, Trinity McQueen

Simon Shaw shows how Trinity McQueen collaborated with Weetabix to develop ground-breaking new insights into how people buy breakfast cereal. Inspired by principles from behavioural economics we triangulated new methods to evidence habitual shopping behaviour.

The outcome: a simplification strategy making the whole category easier to shop and Weetabix brands easier to find. The research contributed to commercial success: the Weetabix brand reached its highest market share on record.

Standout Doesn’t Mean What You Think (TBC)
Speaker: Alice Salisbury, Inkling London

Probably the hardest job facing marketeers today is simply to get noticed. In a world of clutter and over-communication getting cut through is a herculean task. Behavioural science has helped identify some of the triggers and barriers for Standout, but we need to start turning that theory into practical tools clients can use. This presentation explores a model for understanding not just what drives Standout, but how to translate those drivers into a brief.

Curiouser and Curiouser: Design Semiotics Opening New Paths
Speaker: Lucia Neva, Visual Signo – UK and Ann Menard, Nestle

During this session we will share our experience in using a design semiotics approach to help Nestlé Professional Beverages communicate brand and design equities via their coffee machine experiences. We will show how this approach allowed internal stakeholders embrace a common terminology that helped cementing brand attributes. We will discuss how and when design semiotics can be used as an objective tool for product and concept innovation, identify design challenges and to strengthen brand propositions.




 4:20-5:35 pm

A New Chapter in Storytelling

Session Host: Chris Kann

The More Beautiful Story – How to Get to the Consumer Stories You Have Always Hoped For
Speaker: Oana Popa Rengle, Anamnesi

Storytelling is a favourite method for qualitative researchers and good consumer stories are the golden nuggets of qualitative data.

We always hope to get good consumer stories in our researches, but do we always get them? Do we always get rich, contextualized settings, descriptions of goals and obstacles the protagonist is trying to overcome, emotion?

The current presentation describes two story elicitation processes: an online storytelling community and a gallery of story igniters

Curious yet? 😊

The Fire Bird: Arousing Curiosity, Creating Impact Through Storytelling
Speaker: Leonore Saintville, Brand Act

We will land the concept of storytelling and demonstrate why it is a necessity to catch attention, arouse curiosity and make insights stick. We will first share nuggets of a training developed for researchers. Walking the talk, we will go on a symbolic hunt that represents the art of storytelling…  We will then share one or two examples where storytelling was used successfully to arouse curiosity and make insights and ideas truly impactful.

Semiotics … and Toy Soldiers
Speaker: Luigi Toiati, Focus Research

Semiotics is seen as weighty stuff to be used with care. I would like to demonstrate instead that it can be a pleasant trifle too, and not the last outpost in a survey, but an its milestone. We have all lost the map of Never-Never Land, and studying a toy soldier instead of a detergent or a denture adhesive may – I hope – help us find it again, or at least bring a smile even to an academician.



Closing Remarks


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