In addition to stellar content, the 2018 Worldwide Conference on Qualitative Research features a multitude of local experiences.  Walk, ride a Segway or hop a bicycle to experience Valencia. Would you like to see Valencia through the eyes of a local Qually?  Interested in street art or history?  Or perhaps, wine is a passion? Curious?

Satisfy your curiosity! 


These experiences have been hand-picked and created just for the attendees of the Conference by a team of AQR and QRCA members and will be taking place on Wednesday before the Conference begins:

$45 USD | 10-11 am

Segway Tour

Have fun while driving a Segway on a 1-hour experience through the main green area in town. The route starts at the emblematic towers of Serranos and goes through the gardens of the Turia passing by some great engineering works like Norman Foster’s “Bridge of Arts.” This circuit along the old Valencia river bed will take you to the part of town where nature flourishes. The route along the old Turia river bed will take you to the Cabecera Park and the Bioparc. The vegetation and the lake make it a place to enjoy nature in the heart of the city.

$30 USD | 10 am – 12 pm


In this experience, we will have a sight of the most prominent monuments of the city, part of its soul and personality. Some of the stops on this guided experience include: The Serrano Towers, part of the medieval city walls, have survived up to the present day thanks to its function as a prison; Benicarló Palace, today the region’s parliament, was built as the residence of one of the most powerful families of the time, the Borgia; Plaza de la Virgen, one of the emblematic squares of the city whose existence goes back to Roman times when it held the city forum; and Almoina Square, which, after 20 years of excavations, was found to be the location of the remains of the city foundations. Enjoy some Horchata Time at Horchatería santa Catalina (a 200 year old establishment) where you can discover a drink that you will only find in Valencian gastronomy, made out of a tuber called tiger nut, only cultivated in the region of Valencia.

After the break, we will enter the market neighborhood, with its typical medieval narrow streets and hidden squares such as: Plaza Redonda, “the hole” in Valencia because of its shape; Lonja de la Seda (Silk Exchange),  one of the most magnificent buildings in civil gothic style, where important mercantile transactions took place;  and Central Market Square, one of the most picturesque places in the city where buildings in very different styles stand up in perfect harmony. Enjoy the walk back through the most beloved neighborhood for the Valencians, el Carmen.

$25 USD | 10-11:30 am


This experience will take you through the very famous old city center neighborhood of El Carmen.We will see the street art on the walls, learn about the art, the artists, the unwritten rules that they have and more. By the end of the experience, you will be able to identify the artists through their graffities. Feel like a local walking the streets and taking in this beautiful art.

$48 USD | 9 am – 12 pm 

Get active by biking through the city, taking in some beautiful points of interest during this three-hour experience, including: Plaza de la Reina; Plaza de la Virgen; Valencia Cathedral; Central Market; Silk Exchange market; Quart Towers; Turia River Gardens; City of Arts and Science; and Oceanogràfic.

$130 USD | 9 am – 5 pm


Join us for this all-day experience where we will discover Valencia’s local wine country.  Heading to the vineyards in the Utiel Requena, we will visit two wineries, taste local food and travel comfortably with a specialized wine expert!

$30 USD | 11 am – 1 pm

Valencian AQR member Silvia Iranzo Ferrandis provides a personal tour of the city. Starting from our conference venue, the Westin Hotel, at 11:00am and finishing at the Central Market at approx. 1:00pm where those who are willing to stay for tapas or lunch can do so or head back to the hotel if they need a rest. This is a very personal tour so, take this plan of our route as guidance only, relax and let yourself be taken by the hand of a qualitative researcher that is in love with her home city, as she shows you places that inspire her, shares what she has learned from them and how she enjoys their beauty and what they have to offer, get some tips to revisit them in your own time and take as long as you need to build your memories of Valencia around the conference.

Planned route (as guidance only): The Exhibition Palace, The Alameda Promenade, View of Turia River Bed Gardens and Bridges, Market of Colon, The Bullring, Main Train Station ‘Estación del Norte’, The Townhall Building, Central Post Office, ‘Plaza de la Reina’ Square, ‘Plaza de la Virgen’ Square, ‘El Carmen’, The Silk Exchange ‘La Lonja’, Central Market.

Please note that Silvia is offering this experience on a voluntary basis. Each person is responsible to pay for the expenses they incur during the experience i.e. entrance tickets, drinks, tapas, etc. The cost will be a donation to the QRCA Global Outreach Scholarship fund.